As the days are getting colder and darker we are all looking for more cosiness at home, right? It's this time of the year where we spend most of our days inside to stay warm. Therefore it is important to cuddle on the sofa in fluffy fabric, reading good books or flicking through magazines and drinking hot tea all day long by candlelight. In the evening i often browse through several online shops and the Swedish Artilleriet shop is definitely one of my favourites. Usually i don't shop online that often. I love online shops for inspiration, but i am more this kind of person who goes to the store to choose different things. Especially when it comes to fabrics and furniture. I have to touch everything to see how it feels. Unfortunately Artilleriet's only store is located in Sweden. Well maybe i have to visit Gothenburg again to admire this beautiful place. But as there are a few more other stops first i choose a little wish list to share with you and sometimes it is not too bad to order online!


Beautiful simple mist vases. They remind me of the circle glasses from Studio Milena Kling, which my friends gave me as a birthday present last year.


You always need bedlinen. I like linen and soft colours like this stone washed linen.


Lightning is so important at this time. The vapeur lamp by Inga Sempé is on my list since october. This would be a nice christmas present for myself.


When it comes to scented candles it has to be the right one. I fell in love with the ones from Mad et Len. This here is an essential oil which you can drip on the amethyst rocks. Let's give it a try?!


A friend of mine said to me the other day i started to collect jugs now. I mean not the worst idea. This minimal pitcher from Hay Mini Market fits in every collection.


To prepare ourselves a little bit for baking christmas cookies.

photography Artilleriert Store