Usually i am not the person who likes to stand in front of the camera. I am feeling way more comfortable behind the scenes, but when i read other blogs i am always interested who is creating all the content. So that's why it is important to me to introduce myself in the beginning. I am Selina and i am living with my boyfriend and our dog in an old Berlin apartment, which we renovated by ourselves one year ago. As i've got so much positive feedback on our home and a lot of questions about  the renovating and interior concept i decided to start writing my blog again to share all this information and all my passion for interior with you. When i moved to Berlin in 2007 i studied fashion design. Quickly i found out that this wasn't the business i would want to work in. After finishing my degree, living in Oslo for a year, working in several smaller jobs, i am now building up on my experience to share my deep interest in scandinavian design and create my own work here on the blog. I hope you will enjoy it as much as i do and if there are any general remarks or feedback don't hesitate to leave me a comment.

photo Anna-Lena Kiefer